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5 Indications of German Cockroach Infestation

Many people believe that cockroaches infest dirty homes.

German roaches are different from the rest. They can infest a spotless home. So, what causes German roach infestation? German roaches infest homes by hitchhiking in cardboard boxes, grocery bags, or furniture.

Besides, German roaches can infest the whole apartment. They pass through light switch plates or electrical sockets. Delve deeper through this article and learn more about German roaches. Let’s know about German cockroaches together.

What Makes German Cockroaches Different?

Here is what makes German roaches different from other types of cockroaches.

  • You can identify them from their appearance. They have parallel lines from their head to their wings.

  • They are tiny, almost half of other roaches.

  • They have fast reproductive cycle than other types of roaches.

  • They have a strong carapace that is resistant to pest control. So, the German roach colony could survive for months or years.

  • German roaches have wings. They don’t use their wings to fly. Instead, they crawl around kitchen counters, floors, and other humid areas in the house.

Cockroaches are found chiefly in the kitchen or dirty areas. German cockroaches have different habits. Why? They harbor in dresser drawers in the bedroom and non-food areas.

German Cockroach Infestation Indication

german cockroaches

Have you come across a germ roach in your home? If you have not yet encountered a German cockroach, you should know how it looks and the signs of its infestation.

Below are the most obvious signs that your home has a German roaches infestation. Keep watching for any of these signs.

Cockroach Crawling in Your Home During the Day?

If German roaches have infested your home, they will start scuttling across the floor. So, if you see German cockroaches in your home, that is a sign that they have infested your home.

  1. Oily or Musty Smell

The other sign is the presence of oily, musty odor on your house surfaces. Why? German roaches secrete oily, smelly chemicals. If you encounter such secretions, you are likely under German roach infestation.

If you happen to get roach droppings in your home, take precautions. This is an assurance that you are sharing your home with roaches. You should be able to differentiate German roaches from others. German cockroaches’ droppings look different. They resemble ground pepper. Besides, the droppings cause dark stains on surfaces. It is important to understand how to identify differnt pest poop.

  1. Presence of Dead Roaches

If your home has German cockroaches, you will likely encounter a dead roach. A roach cannot live in your home alone. So, a dead German roach shows that others live in your home. So, again, a German cockroach shed skin signifies German roach infestation.

  1. A Sight of Smaller German Cockroaches on Surfaces.

If your house has German roaches, you will see them hang on surfaces. They love hanging on kitchen and bathroom walls. Why? Cockroaches survive on kitchen and bathroom leftovers. Apart from food, German roaches feed on soap and toothpaste remains.

Here is How to Eliminate German Cockroaches

If you have signs of German roaches in your home, you need not worry.

Why? You can get rid of the roaches by the use of pest control services. There are several hygiene practices you can practice to eliminate roach problems. Have a look and follow the techniques.

  1. Clean and Dry Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

German roaches hang around the kitchen and bathrooms. They love the kitchen because of the food crumbs. Besides, they feed on soap remains; they stay in bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms. So, clean your kitchen and get rid of all ford crumbs. Finally, keep your bathrooms clean and dry.

  1. Empty any pet food containers.

Cockroaches are active mainly at night. So, it’s advisable to empty and clean all the containers where your pets feed.

  1. Seal Your Food

If you have seen the signs of a cockroach infestation, then seal your food. Open food acts as a magnet to cockroaches. It would help if you kept your opened bags in tightly sealed containers. Cockroaches will not be able to reach packed food. Finally, they will starve and relocate.

  1. Keep Surfaces and Containers Dry

If possible, keep everything dry at night. Ensure surfaces, containers, and any other surface or place loved by cockroaches are as dry as possible.

As you know, roaches thrive in moist places, then have dry areas in your home. If you keep everything dry in your home, you will not have insects.

How to Kill German Cockroaches

pest control man

Apart from getting rid of German roaches, you can decide to kill them. There are many ways to kill German roaches. Here is how you can kill the German cockroaches in your home.

  1. Use Homemade Pest Control

Homemade pest control works miracles in killing roaches. Cockroaches love sugar, so mix sugar with baking powder.

Leave the mixture of sugar and baking powder out on a plastic plate. If possible, keep some water near the mixture. The sugar in the mix will attract German roaches.

When the roaches consume the mixture, their stomach will explode because of the reaction caused by the baking powder. So, they will finally die.

  1. Make a Trap

Make a DIY cockroach trap. It would be best only to have petroleum jelly, a bowl, and some food. Then, spread a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the inside of the bowl. When done, put some food at the bottom of the bowl.

The food will act as a magnet to the German roaches. When they enter the bowl to reach the food, they will get stuck. A DIY trap is a 100% sure bet trap for cockroaches.

  1. Use Chemicals

If other methods don’t work as you want, hire a local pest control company. You can try chemicals. You can either use chemical sprays, dust, or traps to kill all the roaches in your home.

Keep observing these signs of German roach infestation. If you identify the German roaches early, it will be easy to control them.

You can apply many methods to eliminate German roaches from your home. Follow the above ways to eradicate or kill roaches. If you adhere to all the guidelines, you will get rid of German cockroaches from your home.

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