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Rats Types of Florida and How To Get Rid Of Them

Florida Rat Image

This article will give you information on the different types of rats in Florida. Listed here are Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Palm Rat, and Wood Rat. Learn how to get rid of these pests so that your home and yard remain pest free. Listed below are their characteristics, habits, and typical methods of infestation. Hopefully, this information will be helpful in your battle against these pesky rodents.

Norway Rat

If you want to get rid of Norway Rats in Florida, you need to know their habits. They usually like living indoors, and their preferred locations are baseboards, floorboards, and attics. However, they can also be found outside, especially in yards where they can damage landscaping and woodpiles. To prevent this from happening, you can follow the following tips:

Identifying the source of their food is important if you want to get rid of Norway Rats. You should remove bird feeders and yard debris to create harborages for these pests. Norway Rats are characterized by their unsanitary habits and gnawing. They are known for infesting homes and causing damage, and can multiply quickly. For best results, you should take action as soon as you notice any signs of infestation.

Palm Rat

If you want to remove palm rats from your property, you need to be aware of their breeding habits. Adult palm rats produce around 20 offspring per year. They live for two to three years and should be removed as soon as possible. Thankfully, these rodents are not hard to remove. Follow the tips below to prevent your property from becoming overrun by palm rats. You should use a bait station made specifically for palm rats. It is tamper and chew-proof.

First, keep your yard clean. Try to reduce the amount of debris and hiding places for palm rats. You can do this by keeping wood piles about 18 inches off the ground and 12 inches away from walls. Remove thick ground covers such as oleanders and palm tree skirts. Rats like hollow trees and piles of debris. Make sure to remove any discarded food items and store them in tightly-sealed containers.

Wood Rat

While wood rats are not as common in Florida as other types, they can still be a nuisance. They are small, but can do quite a bit of damage to homes. Their fur is black to grey and is slightly longer than roof rats'. Their ears and tails are also furry. Wood rats are vegetarians, and feed on a variety of plant materials, including seeds, leaves, stems, and wood.

White-throated wood rats are also known as pack rats, and can be quite destructive. They have a nasty habit of chewing on just about anything, including furniture, air conditioning units, and even the seeds of your garden. They can also cause damage to your lawn and garden, so it's important to know how to get rid of them. If you don't want to spend your entire day cleaning up a rat nest, you can start by getting rid of their hiding places.

Roof Rat

There are many kinds of roof rats in Florida. This pest species is most active from September through March. These creatures are nocturnal and like to live in dark places. They will use your attic, rafters, cabinets, ceilings, and even wood piles to make their nests. They will leave behind dark smears or rub marks. This pest can also enter your home through small holes.

To prevent rats from entering your home, seal all gaps and cracks that allow them to climb the roof. You can also install trash cans with metal lids and trim your shrubs and trees to prevent them from nesting. Keep firewood a foot away from the ground and trim bushes that may provide a place for rats to hide. If you find any cracks in your roof, you can use ultrasonic devices to scare them away.

House Mouse

House mouse and rat infestations can be a hassle. The first step to getting rid of rodents is identifying which species of these creatures you are dealing with. In Florida, you will find three common types of rodents: roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice. Read on to find out how to get rid of each of these pests and how to prevent them from returning to your home.

Mice and rats need openings the size of a nickel or a quarter to fit in. To get rid of rodents, inspect your home's exterior for holes. Stuff any holes and cracks with steel wool or metal screening to make them less accessible to rodents. If wooden barriers are not possible, try applying silicone caulk around your pipes and foundation. However, remember that this method is not foolproof and cannot stop rodents from chewing through the caulking. If you seek an Ormond Beach Pest Control company, contact us.

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